A tranquil space located in the heart of San Mateo and created to provide yoga to people of all ages and abilities in an earth-friendly environment amongst a supportive and nurturing community of teachers and fellow practitioners.
Our Space

Nandi, known in Hindu mythology as Shiva's gatekeeper and transport, is a white bull who guards many Hindu temples. It is believed that you can only ride him if you have overcome your desires through the mastery of yoga, and his favorite food is green grass. For these reasons, we have chosen Nandi as our studio's namesake.

Our 4,000 square-foot space includes three practice rooms: the majority of our yoga classes are held in the two largest rooms and the third room is primarily used for meditation and is open before and after class for students to come and practice.  We also have two large bathrooms with showers and changing areas.  Every inch of our space reflects the connections we feel — to our practice, to our planet, and to our community.







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