Talei Loloma""

Practicing since 1995, Louis’ love of yoga blossomed while living in a Krishna ashram in Hawaii where a fellow monk gifted him a copy of B.K.S. Iyengar’s Light on Yoga. After pledging to learn all 202 poses… (by himself!)…he got injured and then sought tutelage at Julie Lawrence’s Iyengar Studio in Portland Oregon where he learned the value of practice with impeccable positioning.

In the Bay Area, he began studying with Senior Iyengar Instructor Ben Thomas who mentored him during his first teacher training and taught him how to breeeeeeeeethe — sparking a deep curiosity that Yoga Tune Up® Creator Jill Miller would later channel into an evolving fascination with core integration, human movement, and a “total abdominal awakening.” Louis’ classes are rigorous, deliberate, well rounded and crafted with a deep bow toward North Indian Yogi Mr. Anirudh Shastri.