Toni Cupal""

Toni spent many very busy years in various roles including Silicon Valley high tech professional, mother of two, gymnastics coach, choreographer and judge, and active non-profit board member before moving to London in 2007 and discovering Jivamukti yoga. While yoga had never really resonated with her before, she was hooked from the very first Jivamukti class – the underlying philosophy that we should each find a way to live so that all creatures can be happy and free appealed strongly to her love of nature which she developed while growing up in the mountains of Wyoming. And the basic idea of practicing being steady and joyful on the yoga mat so that one can take that strong sense of connection into their relationships with others and the world almost instantly started improving all the relationships in her life. Toni’s classes emphasize a joint exploration of reality and focus on raising of consciousness which brings strength, stability, energy and joy to all aspects of life.

Toni did her 300 hour Jivamukti Teaching Certification with Sharon Gannon and David Life in 2009 and her 800 hour Jivamukti apprenticeship under Emma Henry at the London Jivamukti Centre. She has been teaching in London since 2009 and served as Co-Director of the Jivamukti Centre there in 2010 and 2011 before returning to the Bay Area. Toni honors her wonderful teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life for their insight, energy, and courage. She is also deeply grateful for the teachings she has received from her chanting teacher, Nikki Slade, and her important teacher, Dr. Jayanath Abeywichrama, a traditional ayurvedic doctor and healer and Director of the Rankema Ayurvedic Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

She is humbled and thrilled to now be at Nandi Yoga to welcome and support students in their exploration of the Jivamukti method and its ultimate goal of “yoga”.